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The names have been floating around chat forums, blogs, myspace, and fan sites all over the web since the announcement of the show earlier this year. The key for the most of the houseguests? Redemption! Most of the chosen ones made big mistakes somewhere in the game, were stabbed in the back by another player, or just simply played the game wrong. George This guy seems to be the type who always tried to fit in by standing out- His nickname, Chicken, came from his duty to guard the household chicken. Bunky Bunky is the housguest who is known for his crying. He played the "nice guy" card,....
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Bonnie was actually the third housemate in a week to leave the Big Brother house following Shabaz’s decision to walk and Dawn’s ejection for receiving messages from the outside world. She had the dubious honour of being the first housemate to go in and was also the first to leave via the traditional public voting method of eviction. Bonnie was a disappointing housemate and didn't offer much in the way of entertainment. She was originally chosen for "chatterbox personality" but that was not at all evident as she hardly spoke during her seven days incarceration. She wasn't a....
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Grace polled 87.9% of votes in a head-to-head with Nikki Grahame, who survived eviction for two consecutive weeks. It was such a no-contest that host Davina McCall didn’t even bother with her usual customary pause and instead immediately announced that Grace was evicted. Both Grace and Nikki were put up for eviction by newcomer Suzie Verrico as the model was the only contestant able to nominate during week four. Grace had take offence to being nominated by Suzie and threw a glass of water over her before she left the house. With one final hug for Mikey, Grace left the house to a....
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Pete Current Odds: 1/2 Pete has remained the undisputed favourite to win Big Brother ever since he fell down the stairs to mark his entrance. His odds-on status is justified since he appears to be the nicest and most genuine person incarcerated in the house and he has proved there is more to him than his Tourette’s outbusts and nervous ticks. Pete is the unlikely romeo of the house, with Lea, Lisa and Nikki all falling for his unique charms although he claims not to be interested in any of them. At the halfway point, it is difficult to see past Pete as the winner of Big Brother,....
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Aisleyne Current Odds: 20/1 Aisleyne was voted into the house next door but will return to the main compound which will shock the other housemates as they thought they had got rid of her and her constant singing of hip hop songs that nobody has heard of. Aisleyne is the strongest female character but her fake ghetto speak and snapping at the other housemates will see her up for eviction more often than not. The “House Next Door” twist will see Aisleyne “vote out” four of the five new housemates, although they will actually be moved into the main house and face her....
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As soon as Grace was given the boot last week, Lisa was odds-on favourite at 4/5 to be next person out of the door with the bookmakers expecting nominations from Aisleyne, Richard, Susie and Pete for the foul mouthed unemployed upholsterer from Manchester. Big Brother introduced a twist this week for nomination-discussing rule breakers Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki who were not be allowed to nominate in the normal fashion. Instead, they each had to nominate one member of their group, on the spot, in front of everyone else. They were not allowed to discuss their choices or nominate....
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three men making up the 1eveals the identities of the final three men making up the 14-strong household. George ASKEW Age: 19. From: London. Occupation: Student. George is a former public schoolboy and the son of a former private secretary to the Prince of Wales. He is a great-grandson of the fourth Earl of Ellesmere (through his paternal grandmother, Lady Susan Askew) and his great-uncle was the sixth Duke of Sutherland. One of his father's cousins married into the Bowes-Lyon family, Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and so it has been claimed he is linked to the Queen Mother. He is an....
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